How Happy Mobile Home Works

The Traditional Way

For as long as mobile homes have been around, buying and selling them meant meeting strangers in person. You'd call someone you didn't know, arrange a meeting, and go check out the mobile home. If it looked good, you'd either write a check or pay with cash. But meeting a total stranger for such a big deal can be pretty nerve-wracking. So, let's dig into why that's the case!

  • Getting robbed or conned by a complete stranger when you bring cash.
  • I'm going to pay the taxes after you pay me trick.
  • The "I don't have a title, but trust me" I own the mobile home scam.

The Traditional Way

The Happy Mobile Home Way

Safe, secure, and reliable. This is the "New" way of buying and selling your mobile home online. We've built you a state of the art platform to protect you and your family from every online scam out there. We even guarantee 110% of your money!

  • We verify identity so that every transaction is secure.
  • Bank verification for everyone - buyers and sellers.
  • Pre-drafted forms and paperwork to simplify your buying and selling process.

  • Unlimited Listings
  • 1% Escrow Fee
  • Custom Bill of Sale
  • Verified Profile
  • Step by Step Guides
  • Verified Buyer Leads
  • Guaranteed Payment
  • Safe & Secure Transactions

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